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Now, let’s get ready for Peace, Love, & ADHD!

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✨ Peace, Love, & ADHD will be LIVE on each day on November 22 and 23, beginning at 9am PST/12pm EST through 3pm PST/6pm EST). Add to your calendar now to make it easy!

✨ You will receive an email from each morning to remind you to attend — be sure to join us live!! You’ll receive a few email reminders throughout the event so you don’t miss anything.

✨ Each email will include the Zoom link to join us so you can attend the event as it’s broadcasted live. A shortcut to the link is in the calendar invite, but here is the link to access the live event for your records >>

✨ The videos in this live event will consist of interviews from brilliant and passionate experts in the ADHD industry to educate, inspire and empower you. Each speaker will also give you a FREE GIFT you can begin to use immediately.


Here are the 3 steps so you’re ready for Peace, Love, & ADHD:

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Step 3: Share Peace, Love, & ADHD! If you know someone who could benefit from the tools, strategies, love and empowerment that we’re creating at Peace, Love, & ADHD — we would LOVE to meet them! Simply share this link over email, text or social media and give them the free gift of Peace, Love, & ADHD. Share this link now:

It is truly our honor to bring you this information. We are so excited for you to met the incredible experts that have joined us, and even more excited for you to receive the information they are sharing.

We also want to acknowledge you for taking a stand for yourself and your life, so you can create a life that you LOVE! We’re a STAND for you ad so glad that you’re here!

To Peace, Love, & ADHD,
Nupurline and Ashley