Peace, Love, & ADHD

Stephanie Pinto

Emotional Intelligence and ADHD

Stephanie Pinto is an Emotional Intelligence coach who specialises in helping parents to create an Emotionally Intelligent family culture at home. She is a certified Emotional Intelligence specialist, is a trained paediatric anxiety therapist, and practiced as a Speech Pathologist for 10 years.
Stephanie is the Child Behaviour Specialist for Australia’s Nurture Parenting Magazine. She has also been featured on international parenting summits including Health, Wealth, Wisdom Parenting Conference, FamSummit and Calming the ADHD Chaos Conference.
She supports parents in learning how to manage their emotions, frustrations and stress so that they are happier, calmer and connect more deeply with their kids. Stephanie also helps parents to raise emotionally intelligent kids, who are self-aware and manage their emotions and behaviour.

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